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Why I pivoted from copywriting into messaging strategy

May 24, 2022

You can have all the writing skills in the world, if you don’t know what you wanna say, you won’t get results.

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Why i pivoted from copy to messaging
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“Oh, I don’t know, just write whatever.”

I’m sitting with a new client, and we’re holding a meeting on the new copy for their website. I’m asking them some questions, trying to figure out what message they wanna share with the world, when they hit me with the words I’ve come to know oh so well…

“You know what? You decide.”

This is an imaginary example, but it could have been exemplary for so many of my clients.

The amount of times I got put into a room with a business owner who wanted to hire a copywriter to write them a new website, write them a weekly newsletter, or help them create a funnel, to get more sales or clients – without actually giving me any info or having any clue about what they do and who their clients are. Let’s just say I’ve lost count.

They didn’t just expect me to put their message into awesome words that connect and sell.

They also expected me to figure out what THEY wanted to say.

I was still young at the time, just starting out, eager to please and eager to succeed… I thought this was a part of my job and felt guilty whenever I couldn’t figure it out. But I tried. Omg I tried. And I STRUGGLED. No matter how much effort I put into finding the perfect words to put someone’s non-existent thoughts on paper, I failed, over and over again.

And then… I had a client.

She’s still my client to this day and I love working with her. She knows her business through & through. And whenever she gives me a project, it’s fun, it’s easy, and it gets RESULTS.

The difference?

She understands what she does, for whom and why.

She understands… her message.

And this became a recurring theme.

Every time I had a client who understood who they were, what their message was, who their clients were, and so on, the words would just flow. I could play around. I could have fun. And I started noticing something: the successes would rack themselves up.

⚡️ Immediately getting awesome clients when launching a signature program
⚡️ Making national press & being invited to go on a famous talkshow
⚡️ Turning around a launch with zero leads to selling out within 4 weeks
⚡️ Selling +5K on Instagram with less than 150 followers
⚡️ Getting exciting brand deals that are truly a match
⚡️ Having +25 leads per month without putting in much effort

Over the years as a copywriter, as I worked with +50 clients and businesses, I realised: the entrepreneurs who understood their audience & messaging? They would get results. And the ones who didn’t? Wouldn’t. Messaging was the key to getting results.

And, if you think on it, that makes sense.

You can have all the super power writing skills in the world, if you don’t know what you wanna say, you won’t be able to put it into words. Even the best copywriter in the world won’t be able to read or extract the thoughts you don’t have and turn it into words that sell.

On the other hand, if you understand your message, you can write whatever & do whatever & sell however. Doesn’t matter what strategy. Doesn’t matter whether you write it yourself or hire a copywriter. If your messaging’s on point, everything else will fall into place.

Knowing this, and understanding how important messaging truly was, I started including it into my copywriting projects, bit by bit, to make it easier for me to write and get results. And so, without really meaning to, I helped many entrepreneurs figure out their message.

Without charging for it.

And then I burned out last year.

I was working on too many projects, stretching myself too thin between clients, and not making any impact in a lot of the work I was doing. And something had to change.

So I embarked on a journey.

What vision do I have for my business and my life?

How do I want to make a difference? What does that mean for my business?

What skills do I have? And how can I use them to make more impact for my community?

And I realised something…

Whenever I was working with a client on their messaging, I’d light up. I’d feel excited. And, maybe even more important, I truly felt like I was making a difference with my work. Because I know how ESSENTIAL messaging is in getting you results. And if the project I was working on did something truly amazing for the world? Even better.

I realised pivoting to messaging strategy was how I could truly make an impact.

I was already sort of doing it without even meaning to.

So imagine the results I could get if I actually MEANT to.

So I made a decision:

⚡️ I wouldn’t take on any copywriting projects where the messaging isn’t clear
⚡️ I’d only work with entrepreneurs who truly want to make this world a better place
⚡️ I’d focus my attention onto messaging strategy because this is the key to success
⚡️ I’d simplify and cut out everything that didn’t light me up or wasn’t working for me

And… I developed my own Empowering Messaging framework.

So, instead of helping entrepreneurs figure out their message by ‘accident’, I am now committed to helping mission-driven entrepreneurs create a one-of-a-kind message that makes the world care about their cause. Because YOU might know the amazing thing you’re creating needs to exist, but does everyone else? It’s about time we changed that.

Wanna work with me to create a one-of-a-kind message that makes people care about your cause? Book a free consult and let’s chat!

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